100-Year Floods & Storms May Happen Every 3-20 Years from Climate Change

floods storms increasing

The News: MIT and Princeton University researchers have found that extreme weather events that are supposed to occur about once every 100 years are likely to occur every three to twenty years in the coming century, as the planet warms. In particular, floods and storms of a size we aren’t used to seeing more than once in a lifetime may soon be occurring every few years or every decade or two instead. Additionally, 500-year floods could occur once every 25 to 240 years. Results of the study have been published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Why This is Important: Are you bad-shit crazy? You know why this is important! These storms and floods wreck homes, cost us billions of dollars each, and kill people (perhaps us)! That ain’t good.

Opportunities for Action: There are about 4-5 key things you can do to combat global warming and climate change. I recommend checking them out by visiting our “The Green Life” post.

Source: MIT
Flood photo via shutterstock

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