100 of Days of Action to Stop Coal Use Begins Now!

Power Past Coal has been putting together an extensive list of actions across the country that are happening in the next 100 days to put an end to our coal-dependent economy. As the slew of recent coal disasters has shown us, the time to put an end to coal use is now.

NASA Climate Scientist James Hansen has put it eloquently:

“We must halt all new coal plants now, and we must begin shutting down existing ones as soon as possible. Otherwise, we should face up to the truth– as a world, we are driving off the edge of a cliff with the accelerator pressed to the floor. Power Past Coal is the wake up call we need to put on the brakes.”


The actions coincide with the newly sworn in President’s first 100 days in office. A variety of protests and events are taking part in nearly every major city in the country. To find an action in your city, you can visit Power Past Coal’s action page. You can also add an action that you or your group is organizing.

What is likely to be the largest climate change-related civil disobedience act in US history is taking place in Washington DC on March 2nd. To RSVP for this historic event, visit the main website, or if you have a Facebook account, visit the event page and invite all of your friends.

Obama’s presidency is a great opportunity for all environmentalists to see progress achieved. Let us not waste it.

3 thoughts on “100 of Days of Action to Stop Coal Use Begins Now!”

  1. Michael A. Weber

    Bob- it actually will make a huge difference. The US is responsible for about as much CO2 emissions as China and India combined, despite our population being about 1/8th of their combined populations.

    If the US were to to be run entirely on clean power, that would do exactly what you suggest- it would drastically reduce the prices of clean energy sources.

    Furthermore, this would give the US much more bargaining and negotiation power, being able to say “If we can do it, so can you”.


  2. I really want to end coal use too. But what are you really accomplishing?

    If we stop all coal use in America it won’t make a difference unless China and India and Europe do the same thing.

    And that is not going to happen until the alternative prices of energy go down to match or beat the cost of “Coal Energy”.

    Google has a project like that.

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