10 Companies to Boycott for Sending You Junk Mail

Conservation group ForestEthics has released their annual “Naughty or Nice” list of corporations regarding their treatment of our forests. These ten companies continue to fill your mailbox with junk at the expense of the trees.


The list, determined by four separate criteria, includes a “Checking Twice” category for companies in a gray area. JC Penny has decreased their direct mail use but still supports logging companies, so while they stay out the top 10 snail-mail-spammers, but still aren’t free of all charges.

Check out the rest of the list, along with 10 other companies who are being nice to the trees, below:

If it’s not clear, lumps of coal are bad, fruit cakes are signs that the company is improving, and the reindeer are like gold stars. They are rated on their protection of endangered forests, their adoption of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, their use of recycled paper, and finally the extensiveness of their direct mail advertising.

If you’re sick of the junk, make sure to sign ForestEthics’ petition to stop junk mail called Do Not Mail. And remember to recycle all the junk that ends up in your box–it’s the least we can do while they’re still sending it our way.

For a PDF file of the list with more information, click here.

Photo Credit: uzvard on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

Chart Courtesy of ForestEthics.

8 thoughts on “10 Companies to Boycott for Sending You Junk Mail”

  1. I’m on a “do not mail list” and somehow Verizon seems to get in . They are by far the worst I have seen in my life. 6 to 8 mailings a month and NO WAY to stop it . I have called them several times with NO results. I will NEVER get FIOS just because of these tatics. When my Verizon runs out I am switching to another cell carrier. Really annoyed Jim

  2. Great post! I e-mail ALL companies who send me junk mail and request they STOP. So far I’ve been able to stop most catalogs but not the credit cards, cable/direct tv, etc. And I’m still getting junk mail addressed to my mother — she died 14 years ago!

  3. Definitely a lump of coal for CHASE, and specifically their partnership with UNITED AIRLINES; they’ve sent me one credit card application a week for two months now! They are about to get a package of those applications, along with a nasty nasty letter.

  4. Thanks for the great post, Alex. The scorecard is always fun to do, and it’s been great to see the industry make progress overall.

    Robin makes the good point that it’s currently up to these companies to decide whether or not they want listen to you. That’s why we have the Do Not Mail campaign to establish an enforceable registry like Do Not Call, and at 75,000 signatures since March, we’re psyched about taking it to the next level in 2009.

    Thanks for the link to the petition at donotmail.org!

    Will Craven
    Spokesperson, Do Not Mail Campaign

  5. True Alex, it is a very informative list, thanks for the great work – I feel much better about enjoying my REI catalog and about being an REI member.

  6. Yeah, this list is nowhere near complete, but I’d say it’s very accurate in that credit companies are the worst of the bunch.

  7. What about comcast vs verizon fios? Between them we get so many mailings, even though we’re subscribed to one. Sometimes we get two or three mailings in the same week from one or the other that are identical.

  8. I’m moving Crate and Barrel down to the Naughty list. I’ve called them and gone through Catalog Choice to get removed from their list, yet the catalogs keep coming.

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