$10.2 Million Grant Awarded to California Bicyclists

East Bay Green Transportation Initiative Project © East Bay Parks

$10.2 million was recently awarded to folks in Northern California to further develop their bicycle/pedestrian network. In particular, the money is for the East Bay Pedestrian and Bicycle Network, a part of the Green Transportation Initiative Project. In total, this project will consist of nearly 200 miles of paved trails between seven communities including. The total cost of this project is estimated to be $43.3 million.

As I covered yesterday, over $1 billion federal transportation dollars went to bicycle and pedestrian projects in FY2010, making projects like this one possible. Nonetheless, that is still just 2% of federal transportation spending while bicycling and walking account for 12% of trips in the United States.

Read more about the East Bay Pedestrian and Bicycle Network, the Green Transportation Initiative Project, and the recent award on BikeRadar: California Cycling Community Celebrates $10.2 Million Grant.

And go beyond the computer screen, get on a bike today.

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Image Credit: East Bay Parks via BikeRadar

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