Author name: Jeffrey Meyer

is a writer and volunteer for and Citizens Climate Lobby. He has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and worked as both newspaper reporter and book publisher during his career. Jeffrey covered the federal beat at the Las Vegas Sun when organized crime created the Argent Corporation in the 1970s to skim casinos. The movie "Casino" featured people he wrote about on a daily basis because the federal Organized Crime Strike Force, as well as the FBI were on that beat. He also covered the National Labor Relations Board, reporting on labor strikes/racketeering. From Las Vegas, he was hired as assistant general manager of a publishing house in Hong Kong, where he volunteered for Amnesty International and was its international representative. Eventually, Jeffrey made it back to Los Angeles, where he became a publisher of self help books until his retirement. A long-time supporter of the Sierra Club, he also currently volunteers as the Media Team Leader for and as an advisor on media matters to other environmental community groups. He also volunteers for Citizens Climate Lobby in California and Washington D.C.

Time To Tear Down Our Walls

Recent polls show the public is becoming more obstinate and unyielding about its views on climate change. We all hear it, whether it is from the friend at the gym, parroting the latest talk show mockery or the evening news, with a new science warning on climate. As these views harden, we move further and further away from solutions to climate

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