Zookeeper Offers Live Tiger as Payment in Virginity Auction

As heavily reported elsewhere, a 22-year-old going by “Natalie Dylan” is auctioning off her virginity through the legal Bunny Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nevada. Well, the auction has reached $3.8 million, but one offer seems more peculiar: a zookeeper has offered a live tiger.

This raises quite a few questions: What zoo does this guy work at? Would it be legal to exchange said tiger for sex? How long will it be until PETA takes a position?

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“I get really, really off the wall stuff,” Dylan said. “I get some really out there ones like this one guy who works at a zoo and he offered to break out a tiger — then there’s this guy who offered to divulge medical secrets.”

While stealing a tiger would clearly be illegal, selling tigers in the US is allowed with some rules, including many localities that ban the practice altogether. The federal Captive Wildlife Safety Act prevents selling big cats across state lines and requires the animals be given adequate space, but does not outlaw owning tigers as pets.

Anyone know what the going rate for a tiger is? I’m guessing it’s less than $3.8 million.

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Photo Credits: Marc_Smith on Flickr under Creative Commons license, and Natalie Dylan’s press photos.

9 thoughts on “Zookeeper Offers Live Tiger as Payment in Virginity Auction”

  1. A virgin from a brothel? Did you guys miss the part about the brothel? Anyway, this is some pretty wacked out stuff. I wonder what the medical secrets were. Locations of cocaine and morphine?

  2. The guy may have money to burn but could use it for something else like saving lives on research or feeding needy people. However, he is going to blow it on a fleeting experience. This virgin will take no pleasure in the act and will most likely need some lubricant to make it work. This woman will have no pleasure in the act of sex (not Love). It shows how pathetic/desperate this man is to blow his money on something that comes free when two people care about one another. I’m a heterosexual male and can’t beleive the patheticness of men bidding on this experience when the first time for people is typically not the best sexual experience for either party.

  3. Mr. Information

    This girl is a genius. Some girls would give it away after drinking a couple, to a sweaty guy in the back of a Camaro. She is doing it with background checks, health checks, at a monitored and safe venue, and she’s getting up to $3.8 million dollars (minus what Hoff is getting)!! She can start her own successful business with that capital and become a billionaire. It’s possible… God knows this girl is familiar with good ROI!

  4. I bought my most recent big cat (a panther) for a paltry $100.00… Granted, it doesn’t require much space and can run on something as small as my Macbook…

    Additionally… Am I the only one who finds the idea of sleeping with a virgin kind of… not fun?

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