Zonkey — Rare Zebra Donkey Hybrid Born In Italy (VIDEO)

A very rare animal — a Zonkey, the hybrid between a male zebra and a female donkey — was recently born at an animal reserve in Italy, just outside of the city of Florence. And we have pictures of the interesting looking animal. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

Zonkey ippo

The young zonkey — which has been named Ippo by the humans at the reserve — is in good health according to local reports. Something to note — the zonkey wasn’t bred intentionally, the male zebra escaped from its enclosure and jumped a fence in order to get to the female donkey.

The animal reserve doesn’t do much intentional breeding at all really, more just serving as a place that can take in animals seized by police, injured, etc.

Zonkey family

While zonkeys perhaps physically resemble donkeys more than they do zebras — it’s been noted that they generally possess the temper and temperament of zebras.

While a hybrid between a male zebra and a female donkey is known as a zonkey, when a male donkey and a female zebra mate it is known as a Donkra. While they are also quite rare, one was born at a Chinese zoo back in 2011.

Other Equid hybrids include the Zedonk, the Zebrule, the Zony, and the Zorse — all of which are collectively known as Zebroids.

Image Credits: Screen Capture

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