Young Readers Global Warming & Climate Change Book

Editor’s Note: this is not a sponsored post — just helping to get this important work out there to more people.

climate change young readers book

by Chuck McCutcheon

Are you looking to give a green gift this holiday season? I’ve written a book, “What Are Global Warming and Climate Change? Answers for Young Readers,” that seeks to explain this subject to children ages 9 and older.

I use the easy-to-understand question-and-answer format in covering the science, politics, and potential solutions. My book also has plenty of graphics and illustrations, as well as activities in many of the chapters. The National Science Teachers Association called it “an excellent resource,” and Midwest Book Review hailed it as “an empowering educational effort with far-reaching impact.” My findings are in line with the IPCC’s and those of all other reputable scientists — that this is an extremely severe problem calling for immediate action. Even adults will get something out of it.

For more information or to order, go to or my web page: If you would like a personally signed copy, just email me through the website.

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