Wrong and Wrongerer: How Both Sides of the Aisle Address Climate Change

Although this cartoon appears to be an even and nonpartisan attack at both sides of the aisle, it is not an exact representation of how I feel. I am sickened by the majority of the leaders on the right (and their lies to protect their corporate cronies), whereas I am disappointed with much of the left and their lack of meaningful action (which protects their corporate cronies).

However, it is depressingly important to remember that the inaction (for the most part) of the left during this administration is worlds better than the inevitable weakening of all types of environmental protections under a Republican Prez.

As David Roberts shares (in his Grist article linked below):

For eight years, the Bush administration did everything in its power to weaken, delay, or block the natural evolution of clean air and water laws. Its mercury and smog standards were half-assed and rejected by courts, and it famously refused to open the email EPA sent to kick off the rulemaking process on carbon regulations. When Bush left, EPA was confronted with an enormous backlog of work — regulations that, by law, had to be updated.

So that’s where we are. Inaction trumps a full on attack on the earth (and earthlings).

I won’t go on — that’s why I link articles below my cartoons — but remember, at election time, when given the choice of Wrong and Wrongerer, please choose Wrong.
You’ll be right-ish.

More on the politics of Climate Change, yelling at each other, and the 99%.

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