World's First Biodegradable Water Bottle?

74% of recyclable water bottles end up clogging landfills, polluting the oceans, or littering our natural environments. Well, from what I’ve heard, one company is unveiling the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable water bottle in January to help address this issue.

Canada-based redleaf Water will be introducing these “Bio Bottles” in Canada and some stores in the Western U.S. at that time.

In normal environmental conditions, these bottles are supposed to biodegrade. And third-party research has reportedly shown this to be true and indicates that this bottle will set the standard for eco-friendly water bottles.

To prove the difference, redleaf will launch the “Disappearing Project” in January, and will “plant” its Bio Bottles as well as some competitors’ bottles in “BioGardens” in Canada, Arizona and Georgia.  The project is designed to highlight how the Bio Bottles disappear in various environmental conditions. I’m curious to see this experiment carried out.

To put the waste of even recyclable water bottles into perspective, redleaf COO Dave Hillis says: “a 12×12 room is being filled from floor to ceiling every 74 seconds with empty water bottles.”

While many advocate not using disposable bottles at all, the hard reality is that these are in high demand these days and aren’t going away anytime soon. One big step towards a more environmentally-friendly future, however, would be a large-scale shift to biodegradable bottles such as these.

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6 thoughts on “World's First Biodegradable Water Bottle?”

  1. it is interesting to learn that there is a possibility to have biodegradable water bottle. but it is not clear wheather the cost of the bottle will be within the reach to bottle water in it. biodegadable plastic is also not used because of cost of production associated with it.

  2. I personally drink tap water in a glass. However, sooo many people will not be giving up plastic water bottles and the convenience they provide so lets give them a better option! Cananda has it going on for sure!

  3. It’s great seeing companies take responsibility for thier packaging and how it impacts the planet. Great job Red Leaf!!! I hope other companies will follow your example…

  4. Redleaf should worry about Canada we have enough water companies in the US. As well we already have biodegradable water bottles that are making their way into consumers hands.

  5. Redleaf is not the worlds first biodegradable bottle nor is it even available and no one needs more water shipped from across the borders. Enough with these fake claims. TYR has been around and is for sale in NYC and growing. Redleaf is just another company trying to prey on peoples wants of a greener tomorrow for their pockets.

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