Women's Rights & Women's Gifts

We here at Important Media have decided to put on a Women’s Rights & Celebrating Women Week to do our bit to combat the GOP’s apparent war on women.

I’d just like to start out with one simple fact: men and women are different. Yep, certainly, we’re all the same deep down (underneath the veils of our physical bodies). But when it comes to living in this world, men and women have different bodies, different hormones, different lives.

For example, take a look at this amazing visualization of a baby from conception to birth, and a mother’s body in that time:

Amazing, eh?

Men don’t carry babies in their bodies for 9 months. Women do. Men don’t nurse babies for several months or more. Women do. Men and women aren’t built the same.

Now, with differences, we have different strengths and different weaknesses. Without giving women equal rights, we miss out on a whole lot of strengths or gifts our society really needs.

This goes, of course, for any individual (taking away their rights cripples society), not just an entire gender. But clearly, when you limit the rights and respect given to an entire gender, you’re going to have problems.

What am I going on and on about women’s rights and equal rights for, anyway? Women got equal rights decades ago, didn’t they?

Sure, on paper. But the world doesn’t change so fast,… and some don’t want it to change. Women are still overwhelmingly left out of decision-making roles, professionally and politically. Women still get paid considerably less for the same work with the same qualifications (or better qualifications). Women still get treated with less respect. Women are still expected to be a certain way, even if that’s not how they are*. Notably, that “certain way” is often “less than a man.”

And, some people (ahem, GOP leaders) seem as if they’d like to take us back a few decades, tossing attack after attack on efforts to improve women’s rights and women’s socio-economic status in society. It ain’t right.

It’s really ridiculous that we even have to have this conversation. I thought we were past that stage.

But the bottom line is: rich, old, white men currently in GOP leadership were anything but women’s rights campaigners, and they seem to still think that they should have dominion over their female counterparts.

And there are two ways to solve that problem: 1) vote them out of office; and 2) don’t vote them into office!

You with us?


*Notably, this is also an issue for men, who in some ways have not been as liberated from expected social roles and characteristics.

8 thoughts on “Women's Rights & Women's Gifts”

  1. While I greatly appreciate the sentiment of this post, I was disappointed to see the differences between men and women once again marked by women’s ability to bear children. This leaves out enormous categories of women who, like myself, do not have biological children, due to inability and/or choice. What about looking at some of women’s strengths that are not essentialized to biological reproduction, which is, after all, a tactic often utilized by the GOP.

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