Why Tom Shadyac Left His 17,000 sq ft Mansion to Move into a 1000 sq ft Mobile Home

On yesterday’s Oprah show, Tom explained how he was no happier standing in his 17,000 sq ft mansion than when he was paid $1000/week to write jokes for Bob Hope. He explained that North American culture has a very narrow acceptance of what success is, which is heavily dependent on your wealth, job and status. That our whole lives are trapped in this inauthentic competitive nature against each other. And how we should instead be following our natural human nature and cooperating with each other.

A tree doesn’t take more than it needs, and neither should people. We live in giant mansions and drive hummers to prove to a culture that we are worthy. In contrast to that, we only need a bicycle to go to the grocery store or a home that doesn’t have more rooms than you possibly need. When we follow what we are truly passionate about, we not only live happier lives, we also leave behind a more natural world.

Here’s the “I AM” documentary trailer:

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4 thoughts on “Why Tom Shadyac Left His 17,000 sq ft Mansion to Move into a 1000 sq ft Mobile Home”

  1. Their is more than enough stuff to go around, I thought up an idea on how to build a business and run it in a way that every person in the company makes the same amount. From the CEO to the guy taking out the trash . But EVERYONE I talk to about it are like, why would you want to make the same amount if you could make million and pay your workers less, and I try to explain, they are missing the entire point! People are just to crazy about money, it’s like a madness that takes people over. It’s disgusting, the scarest part of it all… No one even realizes they have the sickness and if you try to prove to them saying money isn’t what is important in life, than all of a sudan your the sick person…. People won’t change, greed and the idea of more is better is so pushed into peoples head, that theirs no turning back, since about maybe the late 50s or 60s it changed things forever… That’s the sad truth. That why The inconvenit truth, should have been named The sad truth that people won’t make changes whatever the out come will be! But just my view on everything.

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