We're At 400 Carbon PPM Now. Thank You To The Climate Change Trio Of Fossil Fuels: Oil, Gas, And Coal.

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have recently measured levels of CO2 in the atmosphere at 400 parts per million.

This is the first time in 800,000 years this has happened on planet Earth.

This historical transformation, however, has remained largely absent in mainstream media despite the staggering implications. Why?

Largely, because of the equally staggering influence of corporate oil, gas, and coal — the fossil fuel trio of climate disaster.

In 2011, the oil and gas industry spent over $1.5 million to lobby the US Congress (see: opensecrets.org) and — low and behold — significant legislation was introduced to go backwards on climate change regulations, sensible EPA rules, and PR such as this bizarre billboard ad equating mass murderers to belief in the science of global warming:

It remains to be seen how public opinion — and inevitable activism — will react to the brainwashing and highly bankrolled efforts of the big three fossil fuel industries — oil, coal and gas — once the realities become too clear for even the most apathetic among us to ignore.

When the public realizes what the big three have done to us and to the world we leave behind for our children, all in the name of their ever-expanding profit rolls….

What will happen?

Don’t forget the sunscreen, the fun is only starting….

6 thoughts on “We're At 400 Carbon PPM Now. Thank You To The Climate Change Trio Of Fossil Fuels: Oil, Gas, And Coal.”

  1. Untill there are significant human casualties we lack the necessary critical mass to alter course. To me the most important objective of life is try to live my life on earth as a balanced caring human being. In doing so I hope to never be faced with conditions of brutal savagery. Remember Anne Frank.

  2. Why would you put a picture of the Unibomber on your post??? Not very effective and the meaning is lost on most of your readers.

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