Water Treatment, Water Desalination, and Electricity Generation All-in-One


In an amazing sustainability quadruple play, researchers at the University of Colorado Denver are working on a fuel cell that can desalinate water, treat wastewater and generate electricity in a single process, while producing hydrogen gas that is re-used to make the treatment process run efficiently. What’s amazing about it is that the operation is run by microscopic living organisms that exist all around us and even inside of us, otherwise known as microbes – yes, microbes.

That’s the intro to a good piece on what looks like a potentially ground-breaking new technology to address our growing water and energy problems. Read the full story on our sister site, Cleantechnica: New Low Energy Water Treatment Purifies, Desalinates and Makes Hydrogen, Too.

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Photo Credit: Water by Pink Sherbet Photography via flickr (CC license)

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