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About a month ago, Heather Carr on our sister site Eat.Drink…Better wrote a post on a new water footprint calculator out by National Geographic. This is a cool tool and something I thought I’d share here on Planetsave (about a month later than I originally intended).

Heather’s intro highlighted some interesting facts:

The average American uses 2000 gallons of water each day. What’s surprising is how much of that is hidden in our lifestyle.

Only 5% of that 2000 gallons is actually used as water in the home – drinking, washing dishes, bathing, watering the yard and garden, and other things. The rest is embedded in the things we do, the food we eat, and goods we buy.

Why should you care?

Well, access to clean water is looking like it might be the biggest issue in the world here before long, and it already is in some parts of the world. On October 15, we will have articles on articles about water across the Important Media network in coordination with Change.org. Stay tuned!

And, for now, go ahead and check out your water footprint via National Geographic.

Photo Credit: Cyron via flickr

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