Victory: Giant Suburban Development Rejected in LA

Last Friday a California Superior Court judge quietly tossed out a lawsuit that had been filed by developers against the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Clarita for their opposition to a mini-city development of 5,500 homes between the two cities.


The two cities rejected the development due to its environmental impact in March, but the developers sued for $100 million soon after. The judge threw out all claims made by developer Los Lomas Land Company.

The development was proposed for the  north San Fernando Valley near I-5 and Highway 14. The area is already a huge traffic bottleneck and further development would have only made it worse.

“I am delighted that after six years of fighting this ill-conceived project, it appears to be finally dead,” said LA City Councilman Greig Smith, who led a coalition of community and environmental groups in opposition of the project. “This victory is a great holiday gift for the community.”

Considering that there are 18.6 million empty homes in America, perhaps we should consider a different strategy than building new ones.

Photo Credit: TheeErin on Flickr under Creative Commons license

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