Vermont May Soon Label GMOs, GMO Labeling Bill Introduced


For all those who would like to know if they’re eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or not, or what like to avoid it, there’s some exciting news in Vermont. “Eleven state representatives in Vermont have submitted legislation to require labeling of genetically modified organisms,” Heather Carr of sister site Eat Drink Better reports. Here’s more:

Titled “An act relating to the labeling of food produced with genetic engineering“, H.722′s statement of purpose is:

This bill proposes to provide that food is misbranded if it is entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering and it is not labeled as genetically engineered.

The content of the bill seems fairly uncontroversial. It requires genetically engineered foods to be labeled and it provides a few exceptions for the labeling.

To read Heather’s full piece, which includes exceptions to the labeling, follow the link: Vermont Introduces Legislation to Label GMOs.

Photo: Vermont dairy cows photo via shutterstock

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