Vegan Cookies From Pipernilli — Superb!

choclate jewelsI recently had the opportunity to try out some new, vegan cookies from a cookie company based in Brooklyn. Short story: the cookies were delicious.

The cookie company is Pipernilli, “The Couture Cookie Company.” Its cookies are made fresh weekly using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the company strives to use fair trade ingredients whenever possible and it doesn’t use any preservatives — impressive! To top it off, the cookies are delivered in environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have boxes of the cookies to sample, but Pipernilli did send three flavors, two cookies of each. Below were my and my wife’s impressions of each of these flavors. (Full disclosure: my wife loved the cookies as much as I did and helped me to write this article.)

  • 14-Karat Cake: These cookies clearly had fresh, grated carrots in them. The taste was rich and fresh. Along with grated carrots, walnut chunks, crushed pineapples, and raisins were also inside. I love walnuts in my cookies, so I was a big fan of that. Normally, I’m not a big fan of raisins, but in this combo, they tasted really good. The cookies were quite sweet, good for someone with a strong sweet tooth. Overall, this cookie was like a good carrot cake, but packed into a small, round cookie. Pipernilli’s description of the cookie (on its website) nails it: “We Took all the great things about carrot cake and put it into our extravagant new cookie. Grated carrots, crushed pineapples, raisins and walnuts make the 14-Karat Cake cookie perfect for any occasion.”
  • Apple Luxe: As soon as you opened the packet, you could smell the apple in these cookies… even after flying from the US to Poland. Pipernilli must really use some fresh, high-quality ingredients. The cookie was very soft, and the apple chunks complemented that wonderfully. The cookie also had a great combination of spices, “all the spices in apple pie” according to Pipernilli. Pipernilli doesn’t mention it, but they were also a bit like shortbread in my opinion, quite “buttery” (even though they are vegan). Overall, I loved these cookies — they were my second favorite — but they were a tad too sweet for my taste.
  • Mocha Diva Rounds: This was my favorite of the cookies. The chocolate in the cookies was truly amazing. It was a very chocolate-y cookie, great for us chocolate monsters. Also included in the cookie were cranberries and dried banana chunks. The inclusion of cranberries and dried banana chunks was ingenious — they make a wonderful combination, a great pleasure to eat. Again, these cookies were quite buttery and soft, the way I love my cookies. Indeed, that is how the creators of Pipernilli love their cookies, too. The website states, “At Pipernilli, we prefer our cookies soft, gooey and fresh from the oven.”

That’s our review of the cookies. As you can tell, we loved them.

Aside from the flavors we tried, other unique flavors include: Cashmere Drops, Chocolate Jewels, Banana Chiffon, Dainty Dots, and Cranberry Glitz. I’m very eager to try out these other flavors. But I guess I have to wait until the next time I go to NYC.


For more on the company, I turned to its website. First, regarding the cookies, the company notes that it started off with the classics — chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin — but then added in its own unique ingredients to make its cookies something truly special. “We began creating recipes that infused those classics with our favorite organic fruits and vegetables, adding a twist that would become our signature,” S.R. Davis, Founder / Head Cookie Lover, writes. The company’s first cookie is apparently a delicious one that, unfortunately, I have not yet tried. “With the success of the eggless Banana Chiffon cookie, we knew we were onto something when requests for the tasty treat begun to pour in.”

cookies and peaches

You can order the cookies online via the Pipernilli shop. If you have a special event you’d like them for, there’s also a Weddings & Gifts page. From that page, the company writes:

“We are pleased to announce that we now offer cookies and assorted vegan treats for dessert tables. Whether for a wedding, baby shower or birthday party, Pipernilli can arrange the perfect treats to create the most beautiful dessert display. Prices start at $300 for enough treats to serve 20 people. Set-up and rental of cake stands are available throughout the Burroughs of NY and other locations that are within 2 hours driving distance of Brooklyn, please inquire about additional set-up fees.”

I’d certainly use the company if I lived in that area.

vegan cookies events

vegan cookie event table

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these cookies. And I’d love to hear your impression of them once you’ve given them a try.

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