Using Eco-Friendly Branded Bags

One of the biggest environmental issues these days is the overuse of plastic bags. Shoppers face this dilemma every day at the checkout when they are asked, “Would you like a plastic bag?” While most would like to say “No,” there are still a large number of people who do use plastic bags. Some stores do give out paper bags as an alternative, but they aren’t a whole lot better (and some say they aren’t better at all). While paper bags can be recycled, not many people actually do recycle paper. Plastic bags are used more often and, though they are convenient, they generally are not biodegradable and are common litter items.

eco friendly jute bag

When deciding what type of bag to use for shopping items, try to make a statement with an eco-friendly bag. Such bags do not harm the environment and the fact that they can be reused gives them a distinct advantage, as well. Businesses, too, now understand the importance of being green and eco-friendly in order to appear innovative and helpful in the public eye. A great way this can be accomplished is through the creation of reusable bags with company branding on them. These branded eco-friendly bags made out of jute, cotton, or canvas make good promotional materials. They put the business in the public spotlight and strengthen the business’ views on its environmental policy.

A high-quality, environmentally safe bag is manufactured from materials that will not harm the natural environment. Production of these bags does not include the use of harmful chemicals, and the bags are biodegradable. There are no negative impacts made on the environment with the production of eco-friendly bags. Reusable bags are a cost-efficient way of preserving the natural environment and its resources. Because these bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and customizable designs, they are the perfect substitute for conventional totes and hazardous plastic shopping bags.

Bag It Don’t Bin It is one company providing such bags. It is a UK-based printer that prints cotton, canvas, and jute bags that can be branded with the company logo. As a wholesaler, the company only accepts bulk orders (i.e. over one hundred bags). It, however, has a sister company called Doodle-Bag that lets you design your own bag and there is no minimum order value.

Check out these companies if you’re in the market for an eco-friendly bag! 😀

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  1. After the long time Industrial and Chemical revolution now we are in Green revolution.This is great but it must be in the right path. One very simple and very important item is the Reusable Bag which we use in different purpose. we have to take a look that it should be biodegradable too. Reusable bags must be maid in biodegradable material as Cotton, Jute, and Hemp and etc.
    Thanks to you who is green minded for their green revolution. But you should be careful not becoming a victim of adopting non green products such as Reusable Bags made of non biodegradable material. All Reusable bags for regular shopping purpose should be made of biodegradable material as cotton.
    I got a great knowledge about Reusable and its revolution from here

  2. Growing Green Life – Adding Millions of Plants an year to our Mother Earth fo Millions to Survive – Promoting Eco friendly Products – Creating Sustainable Livelihoods – Interested in Marketing or Manufacturing set up of Environment friendly bags – Please get back with your comments.

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