US Solar Panel Installations On The Rise

For those wanting to assemble additional renewable energy factoids, California and Arizona are leading the country in most solar panel installations, while California, Texas, and Colorado head up the list for which states offer the most in the way of monetary incentives.


A new study by Modernize shows strong nationwide support for solar energy is taking place. Support for solar electricity has reached such a high point that customers are now moving into the take-action mode, reports the company.

“We tracked down the data to show which parts of the American landscape are moving beyond just talking the talk and actually adopting solar panels.”

This study reports on which states see the most solar panel installations, which states offer the most incentives for going solar, and who is most motivated by these incentives. Some notable findings:

top solar states

Solar Installations vs. Solar Incentives

Modernize adds this perspective about solar’s momentum: “Lots of states have moved to make solar particularly attractive, through incentives such as tax breaks or spending initiatives for which solar companies eagerly bid. It’s not just politicians playing to the tide of popular opinion swelling around social: There’s a genuine desire to position their states at the forefront of an energy revolution long in the making.”

Solar-Installs incentives_2-06-3

“From the Pacific to the Jersey Turnpike, solar panels are making their presence felt across the nation. After years without broad commercial adoption, solar panels are showing up in spots we might not have expected, and it’s safe to say that more are on their way,” states Modernize in concluding its research study.

Research Sources

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Open PV Project
  • NC Clean Energy Center
  • US Department of Energy.

“Data for the project are voluntarily contributed from a variety of sources including solar incentive programs, utilities, installers, and the general public. This database serves as a web-based resource for users to easily explore and understand the current and past trends of the US PV industry. The data collected is actively maintained by the contributors and are always changing to provide an evolving, up-to-date snapshot of the US solar power market.”

To read the entire study, visit Modernize’s Solar Surge post.

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