Unsolicited Advice for Leonardo DiCaprio on His Belize Island Resort

Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road Dreamworks/Paramount Vantage

Dear Mr. DiCaprio,

If you haven’t heard, there are reports that several years ago you bought a “pristine” Caribbean Island in the Central American country of Belize. It’s been the subject of speculation for some time, and there are many reports and rumors that you plan to build a “green resort.”

Seeing as that I just came across another one of these stories today, I would like to offer you some unsolicited advice, Leo, if I might.

  • Start by contacting ABC News who featured you in an article last year titled “Who Will Create the First Green Island?” First tell them that no one creates an island. Next, aware them that their title is bad as islands are generally “green” even before people set foot on them. What they seem to want to ask is, who will be the first person to develop an island for tourism in the most ecologically friendly way possible? Here’s what you should tell them.
  • Contrary to the most recent report that you are building a “luxury layout, which will include an 80-room hotel and a selection of condominiums and luxury villas, all with private pools and a green theme,” tell them that you are considering not developing the island at all.
  • If you must build though, follow up on the idea to use “the very latest in innovative green technology…” on your 104 acres, “including hybrid power systems and eco tours, which will respect the island’s wildlife and tropical surroundings.”
  • Stay away from the word “luxury.” Market a quality experience and resort to people who can travel on smaller or medium-sized budgets, but who have less money than the “luxury” crowd. By all means shoot for having a nice hotel, but are private pools really necessary to have a good time?
  • Set up a research program complete with scholarships on the island. Monitor various indicator species and the climate on the island. Have the island and its visitors contribute to science and conservation efforts.

That’s it. Thanks for your consideration of these ideas.


Levi T. Novey

4 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice for Leonardo DiCaprio on His Belize Island Resort”

  1. Dear Grammar Police,
    Please realize/realise persons from all over the world post on the Internet and as such “English” is often a second/third/fourth language, so there might be some miscommunication at times. In the name of world diplomacy, and that the rest of the world might be less inclined to think that all Americans are dickheads, would you kindly please refrain from being so obnoxious? The same holds true within the United States: there are variations of word usage that may seem “odd” but there is no reason to correct them either. Again, see comment regarding being obnoxious.

    Perhaps you could get another hobby.

    This person makes a valid point. If Dicaprio is a true environmentalist, he will not develop this island at all, much less create a landing strip for gas guzzling airplanes! What hypocrisy!

  2. I agree with the author about a “green” island. If DiCaprio finds it necessary to develop an island, it would be wonderful for him to use it as a showcase of sustainable living. For that reason it should not be a luxury island or even a resort. It can be a place for sociologists, environmentalists, biologists, architects, etc. to come together and create a community for living, learning, working, playing in as affordably green a way possible.

    People need to learn to behave in environmentally friendly ways as well, so the community living on and/or visiting the island need to show how sustainable living can be accomplished through a philosophy of sustainability.

    Often islands are purchased for the “exclusivity” factor which let the wealthy feel even more important and separated from the commonfolk. This mentality isn’t compatible with sustainable living, as far as I’m concerned, but that’s another topic.

    A note to “distracted:” you are not nitpicking! I believe all people who publish have a responsibility to use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. and to use words properly. There are numerous free tools out there for proof reading.

  3. Sorry to nitpick, but ‘aware’ is not a verb, therefore you can’t ‘aware’ them, only ‘make them aware’ or ‘help them become aware’.

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