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Union of Concerned Scientists and the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoons

Have you seen the comic art for the 2010 Union of Concerned Scientists Scientific Integrity Cartoons? Shown above is a cartoon about science and the Endangered Species Act.

The entire calendar shows how “the absurdity of political interference in science is ripe for lampooning-and serves as a constant reminder of how vigilant we must be in defending science from politics.” The comics also highlight the need for the new administration and Congress to create a thriving federal scientific enterprise.Order a calendar and learn about the “not-so-funny issue of political interference in federal government science.In Science Idol: The Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest, UCS asked twelve proven artists to create and share editorial cartoons for the 2010 Scientific Integrity Calendar.

“The calendar is an excellent gift for everyone who believes that science-based policy decisions should be made with access to the best available science. And it helps UCS spread awareness about how scientists and non-scientists alike are working to restore scientific integrity to federal policy making.

You can view the 12 cartoons here too which will be published in the 2010 Scientific Integrity Calendar.

Image above is by Jesse Springer of Eugene, Oregon, who came out on top (for the calendar cover art) with a cartoon about science and the Endangered Species Act (Cartoon #3).

  1. Lucille Chi

    Thank you, that makes my week, this post keeps me giggling too!

    You are an inspirational author as well!

    I love this community of talented writers, I learn so much from everyone here daily. Ultimately my goal as a writer and creative artist is to inspire folks on how the natural world nourishes us all. Gratitude ~Lucille

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