Undyed Hemp Fabric from Hemp Emporium

I’m a big fan of hemp — it is one of the greenest fabric options out there. It doesn’t need pesticides (or not many, at least), is fast-growing, doesn’t use much water, and replenishes the soil it grows in! It’s also quite a nice material to wear and fits various situations. (I’ve had tons of hemp products — clothing, bags, shoes, etc. over the years).

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One of our sister sites, Crafting a Green World, recently had a post on hemp and where to find undyed hemp fabric that I thought would be a great share here on Planetsave. Need some undyed hemp fabric? Crafter and greenie Becky Striepe has a recommendation for you…. Hemp Emporium.

Becky recommends Hemp Emporium for a number of reasons. To learn more, check out: Fab Fabrics: Undyed Hemp Fabric.

Image via Seabamirum

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