U.S. Wants Clean Energy!


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Nathan Schock of sister site The Inspired Economist writes:

“Apparently, Americans aren’t getting the message that renewable energy is dead. Following the Solyndra bankruptcy and the avalanche of negative news coverage, 90 percent of the American public still thinks that developing sources of clean energy should be a very high (30%), high (35%) or medium (25%) priority for the president and Congress. This is from a survey released this week by the Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) at George Mason University.”

Yes, because it’s downright common sense that not paying more for the health consequences of pollution and global warming is going to save us all money, tremendous suffering, and a lower quality of life.

To read Nathan’s full piece, check out: America to President and Congress: Give us clean energy. (I’ll just note that the “Solyndra scandal” has not turned out to be a political scandal at all. Check our dozens of articles on that on CleanTechnica for more if you’re interested.)

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