Top 5 Websites That Make Recycling Easy

Most of us have plenty of old stuff at home we no longer use or need because the household utilities are no longer functional, clothes are old-fashioned and gadgets have just got boring (and you are planning newer and better replacements)

Would you like to unclutter or simplify your lifestyle? So before heading towards the green trash bin, take a look at these websites and find a new life for your old stuff.


recycling website is probably one of the most popular free recycling websites out there. It has caught massive media attention because of its success in connecting people who want to give what they have and don’t need, or receive what they need and don’t have.

Membership is absolutely free, just enter your area and hit search to find the respective Yahoo Group mailing list to join.

2. Call2Recycle

recycling website

Ask people what one gadget they cannot live without and most will answer that’s a mobile phone. No wonder we’re so much obsessed with getting our hands on the latest models as soon as they are introduced, even if the units (especially batteries) are a massive source of toxicity.

Call2Recycle is a free rechargeable and battery collection program in North America. Since its establishment, they have diverted 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from the solid waste stream and established a network of 30,000 public recycling dropoff locations. Visit their website to find out the nearest dropoff point.

If you are wondering what happens to your old mobile phones and their batteries, Call2Recycle says they are used to create other types of materials, including new batteries, stainless steel products and more. Not one bit of the broken material is trashed

3. Selling Bin

recycling website

Making money whilst nurturing your eco-conscience is a win-win for both you and Mother Earth. Selling Bin makes it easy for you to market used electronics such as laptops, mp3 players, digital camera, watches, and even non-electronic products such as wines, gift cards, and jewelry.

Once you enter the details of your surplus in a form, Selling Bin delivers that information to a network of buyers. The buying quotes are then delivered directly to you within 48 hours.

4. Recycle Now

recycle website

If driving to recycling drop-off points and shipping old items seems a daunting task for you, then learn how you can recycle right at home. Recycle Now is based in the UK and aims to educate people on how to start recycling at home, in the office, at school, and in the garden.

The website also takes out the guesswork from what can be recycled or what can’t, helping people become a pro in decoding recycling symbols.

Some resources include lessons and videos on how to create your own compost bin and sorting recyclables properly, so they can be timely picked up by the recycling council.

5. Recycle Bank

recycling website

Recycle Bank adds a fourth “r” to reduce, re-use, and recycle, by rewarding people for their earth-saving efforts. Whether you are just learning about being green or taking a step further in at-home recycling, corresponding reward points are rewarded to you – you can use the points to purchase necessities from your local neighborhood.

Recycle Bank is also supported by well-known brands which offer incentives for consumers who pledge to recycle  and educate themselves about the environment. This is on top of Recycle Bank’ partnerships with local governments so explore this website extensively to discover the greenest and most rewarding ways to be green.

[Editor’s note: if you’re in the UK, here are a couple of good UK sites as well: WheretoRecycle & Compare Mobile Phone Recycling.]

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  1. Be extra careful with data in computers and mobiles when recycling. If you are in Yorkshire, drop off your computers or mobiles at for free recycling and data sanitisation. ALL PROFITS GO TO CHARITY. If you have sensitive data on your hard drives or mobiles they can be put through our brand new £20,000 hard drive shredder while you watch. We have a free collection service for Local Authorities, schools and businesses throughout Yorkshire.

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