Top 10 Global Weirding & Environment Stories of 2010

Consumption, Daily Transportation, Diet

And here’s one stimulated by Joe Mohr’s answer to my question “what are the top environmental stories of the year so far” in the middle of the year. Joe said:

Same as it is every year; the creation of cheap useless crap. Our economy (based on chrematistics) creates phony needs for useless junk. We then deal with the environmental outfall of producing, transporting, consuming, and wasting said junk. The whole process is a toxic mess that poisons our air, water, and soil. Until we can really discern between needs and wants with our own critical minds, this environmental, economic, and social disaster will perpetuate.

I would add onto this our irresponsible addiction to and daily dependence on automobiles, coal, and a meat-based diet. These are the drivers of the environmental problems that damage our health, quality of life, and future livability on our planet.

Want to do something to help the environment in 2011?

  1. Go Solar
  2. Green Your Transport
  3. Go Vegetarian (or Vegan)

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