Thousands Flock to Grassroots Movement to Save Landfills & Enrich Lives by Giving & Getting Free Stuff Locally


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A new nonprofit grassroots movement of people, The reGives Network, has hit the streets of America. The online service connects local neighbors to let them give and receive unwanted items that otherwise would have landed in a landfill. All items are required to be free and it’s free to join. Since the launch just 12 weeks ago, the service has garnered thousands of new members, opened hundreds of communities across America, and has been featured in a number of newspapers and local television news broadcasts. This grassroots movement is alive and growing fast.

The idea is quite simple, really — someone has something they no longer need and, instead of throwing it away to be permanently disposed of in a landfill for generations beyond, the members are encouraged to post the item with a few clicks and offer it up to a local neighbor. Participating neighbors are notified that an item is being given away and are then able to “put their name in the hat,” so to speak. The giving neighbor can then review and select the member who gets to receive their free item and schedule a pickup. Most members just put the item out on their front door step and tell the neighbor where to pick the item up at. However, other members have even found common interests in one another and have started local exchange groups like a book club or local exchange events.

So far, members have given away hundreds of items, ranging from full dining room and hutch sets to trampolines to household items (baby items, clothes, toys, bikes, books and everything else under the sun). If the item still has value, but you no longer have a use for it, members are encouraged to offer it up and see if someone has interest in it. On the flip side, members are also allowed to post items that they are interested in receiving if the item is available in the local community.

Unlike other related services available today, like Craigslist or Freecycle, the reGives Network requests members to enter feedback about each and every exchange in an effort to discourage “no-shows”, to build strong accountability and safety amongst members, and to build a profile that showcases your commitment level to the reGives movement.

The question remains, will you continue to throw away perfectly good stuff or will you decide to change the world and offer up your unwanted items via The reGives Network. It’s a fun experience waiting to happen and it’s free, so go check it out at

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