Roundup Of Upcycled iPhone Gadgets

I am the upcycling queen. Every material is the chance for something new and exciting, and I am loathe to throw anything out. As a consequence, I always have a project I am working on, and one that I am planning. My only weakness has been gadgets, which I am not usually so good with. Crafts have always been my thing, but technology is one area I am just not talented in. Most the time, I don’t even have any ideas to get started on.

But lately I have been looking at some of the cool upcycling projects involving iPhones, and that frame of mind is starting to change. My partner is a lot better with this sort of thing than I am, and I have been on the lookout for projects we can undertake together. Since I have an iPhone, that is one of the main focuses of my search.

These are ten links I have found that show really cool, seemingly simple upcycling ideas for iPhones. Technically, most would work with other smartphones, as well.

1. DIY Capacitive Stylus Tutorial

All you need is four materials to make this more complex stylus to use on your touch screen. This tutorial shows you how to use something with a pen shape (doesn’t even have to be a pen) and adapt it to safely use on your screen without risking a scratch. It is super easy, fast and will save you the $30 that mobile companies often try to charge for a good stylus.

2. Upcycle iPhone Case Tutorial

Want some ideas for making a new case out of something you would normally throw out? This links you to nine different options with tutorials, using everything from duct tape to an old juice box. Whether you like to sew or are useless with a needle and thread, you can find something here to work with.

3. N64 iPhone Dock

N64 iPhone Dock

Add a USB cable to an N64 controller, Make the top into a place to stick your iPhone, and you have a geek’s docking dream. I have several old controllers from both the N64 and the original Xbox laying around, and like I might just try making my own version of this. It could also work with any other system controller, and I found one recently from an old NES pad.

4. Collection of DIY Docks

This is a large collection of iPhone docks that have been made from all sorts of materials. My favorite is the simple stand made out of rubber bands and pencils. It shows that you can literally use anything to create a stand. There are also some more high-tech docks there that work as a charger, rather than just a place to set your phone.

5. Denim Cover

Denim iPhone Cover

Have an old pair of jeans laying around that you don’t want to wear anymore? Cut out the back pockets and get yourself a simple cover for both the iPhone and the iPad. I like this idea so much that I plan on doing it myself for all my media devices, taking various size pockets from different pairs of ripped up pants and sewing them together into one cover to hang at my desk.

6. DIY Stylus Tutorial

Want to make a super quick, upcycled stylus for your iPhone or other mobile device with a touch screen? Try this two minute video that shows you how to do it with no fuss or difficulty.

7. Vintage Master Radio Charger

Vintage Master Radio Charger

This is so cool, but definitely a harder project. An old master radio has been converted into a working charging station for the iPhone. It could be used for charging any number of devices, through a USB or wall adapted. Very cool.

8. Vintage Camera Loading Dock

Vintage Camera Loading Dock

Cameras have changed a lot in the last several decades. Digital models have capabilities far outweighing their older counterparts, and so even the people dedicated to vintage technology have made the switch. It won’t be long before those shops that develop film are a thing of the past, and many stores don’t carry those services anymore, already. What do you do with the old cameras, then? This person took an old camera from the 70’s and created a really cool iPhone dock. Making your own would be difficult, so if you aren’t really sure how to you can always buy one from Etsy already made.

9. Vintage Video Camera Charger

Vintage Video Camera Charger

In the same thread, here is a charger that was made from an old video camera, instead. I don’t like it as much as the radio, but it is still really cool.

10. Cassette Case Stand

This is proof that you can upcycle with pretty much no effort involved whatsoever. Just take the case from an old casset, fold it so it is standing up and stick in your phone. Quick, easy and effective.

Have an iPhone upcycling project to tell us about? Let us know in the comments!

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