The Republican Book on $cience [cartoon]

Since taking over the House, the Republicans have utilized their sway to continue their attack on the environment.

Any time you fight to weaken clean air and water standards, carbon (etc.) emissions standards, and make every effort to make the world a less healthy place to live, one has to wonder (though apparently few do) “Why are you doing this?”.

Possible reasons:
Hatred of hippies– Good for rallying support, but not a reason to poison the earth.
Trying to “weaken BIG government”– Same response as above (but I’ll come back to this one).
Looking out for your constituents who hate clean drinking water, and love asthma, cancer, and extreme weather– I’d imagine that’s too small of a base to really fight for.
Doing the bidding of BIG business– That is the only real reason these attacks are taking place. The noise from the right is a constant call to take power away from “BIG government”. In attempting to do so they are knowingly giving power to big business. Rest assured that these businesses are making themselves rich while poisoning the rest of us.

We can be on either side of the political spectrum, but we cannot give any politician (Democrat or Republican) our blind faith. Politics is not religion, nor is it a sport. There are way too many examples of politicians (individually AND collectively) doing what’s best for their careers or their bank account, as opposed to what’s best for all people that we have to be critical supporters. We cannot be blind followers. Politicians and polluting industries are taking advantage of the extreme polarization of our great country to push personal agendas.

Pay attention. Read the links below (in regards to the current Republican vs. the Environment offensive). Read more. Inform yourself with fact and avoid the bias and opinion that perpetuates dishonest and corrupt agendas.

From Grist: Politifact finds Republican claim to be false; Republicans don’t give a sh*t
From Ecopolitology: Republicans Attempt to Stifle Action on Climate Change
From PlanetSave: GOP Only Political Party in World to Reject Climate Science?
From Discover Magazine (Chris Mooney): Liberals, Conservatives, and Science
Chris Mooney’s book: The Republican War on Science
Grist again: Fred Upton’s EPA-blocking bill will put more of your money in oil industry pockets

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