The Majority of Americans Understand that Global Warming Worsens Extreme Weather, & Want Action Now


us global warming treaty support

Quick News: Yale has released the results of a new poll on global warming (just a month after releasing a number of poll results on the topic). Here are key findings (via Climate Progress):

  • Public understanding that global warming is happening is at 63 percent, while belief that it is caused mostly by human activities increased three points since May 2011, to 50 percent.
  • A majority of Americans (57%) now disagree with the statement, “With the economy in such bad shape, the US can’t afford to reduce global warming” – an 8 point increase in disagreement since May 2011.
  • 65 percent said that global warming is affecting weather in the United States.
  • 58 percent of Americans said that the record heat waves last summer strengthened their belief that global warming is occurring, up 4 points since May 2011.
  • 38 percent of Americans said they have personally experienced the effects of global warming, up 4 points since May of 2011.
  • Americans trust “climate scientists” (74%) as a source of information about global warming more than any other group, including “other kinds of scientists” (65%) and the mainstream media (38%)

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