The Energy of Earthquakes {Infographic}

We’ve written about earthquakes a ton in the past month or two, as well as before that. So, when a friend shared this new infographic with me on “the energy of earthquakes,” I immediately thought it might be an interesting one to put on Planetsave. Quite a fun and interesting infographic — check it out:

the energy of earthquakes infographic
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Image Created by Insulation and Energy Audits


4 thoughts on “The Energy of Earthquakes {Infographic}”

  1. This infographic is great, but there is one serious error in the information of the 9.0 quake in Japan. They had three out of 6 reactors that have melted down. These were not “near” meltdowns as the graphic would have one believe. Sorry and I am not sure of the date this information was created, so it could have been correct at the time it was made.

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