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christmas tree recycling

This is an interesting guest post offer I received that I thought was worth a share. Check it out and take some of these steps this year (or all of them!) to recycle some of your Christmas gear!

by Plastic Place

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes a lot of… trash and rubbish. Help the environment a little bit by recycling and reusing it. Here are a few (kid-friendly!) ways how.

Christmas wrapping paper:

  • Try to preserve wrapping paper (don’t tear them!) for use in future gift-wrapping.
  • You can also use wrapping paper to clean glass windows – as long as they’re not the shiny, plastic kind. Like newspaper, it makes for a great cleaning tool.
  • Create origami from discarded gift wrap: use it to make Christmas-themed decorations to trim your tree with!

Christmas cards:

  • Cut out the front flaps and use them as gift tags for next year.
  • Keep them for future craft projects that need a specific kind of paper thickness/cardboard. Save yourself the trouble of buying new!

Christmas tree:

  • You can shred them and use it as ground-cover for your garden.
  • Strip the needles from their branches and use as naturally pine scented potpourri or to stuff pin cushions. Some recipes call for pine needles, too!
  • Christmas tree needles can also be used to restore balance in a compost heap. Being acidic, try to complement it with elements like wood ash.

Worried that using plastic is counterproductive to protecting the environment? Don’t worry: Plastic Place’s environmentally friendly bags are made from 80% recycled content; while all of their black bags are made out of 90% recycled material. The company cares about our planet and fully supports the responsible use of plastic in everyday life.

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