The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and New TED x Change

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has joined forces with TED and with this partnership Melinda Gates shares her hope that “TEDxChange will serve as a catalyst for our continued conversations about the future we will make together.” She asks “What does the future hold for global health and development? And how can we all be a part of making a better world?” ~Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on TEDxChange.

The TED Blog also explains that the launch of this project is inspired by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals which include:

  1. Eradicating poverty and hunger
  2. Achieving universal primary education
  3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  4. Reducing child mortality
  5. Improving maternal health
  6. Combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
  7. Ensuring environmental sustainability
  8. Developing a global partnership for development

Here is a playlist of TED talks addressing many of these issues facing humanity this century as well as an introduction to TEDxChange. Also check out the TEDxChange Video Gallery on the Gates Foundation website.

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