Test Centre for Wind Turbines in Northwest Jutland

Østerild, in northwest Jutland, Denmark, will be the test bed for a new way in which wind energy can be generated.

A national test centre for wind turbines will be set up in Østerild, which the Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark believes will help consolidate and expand Denmark’s leading position within the wind energy sector.

“This initiative is vitally crucial to preserving Denmark’s leading position within wind energy R&D and thereby safeguarding the Danish wind turbine industry’s dominant role in the global wind turbine market,” says Peter Hjuler Jensen, Head of Risø’s Wind Energy Division.

Risø DTU reports:

At the same time, Østerild will pave the way for more wind energy in the Danish energy system, thereby contributing to making Denmark independent of fossil fuels. At the national test centre at Østerild in north-western Jutland, tomorrow’s mega wind turbines measuring up to 250 metres in height can be tested, and it is therefore here that the wind turbines of the future will be developed and produced. The test centre will thus help to safeguard lots of Danish jobs within the wind energy sector, both at the wind turbine manufacturers and at the numerous subsuppliers to the wind energy sector.

Denmark continues to lead the world in the field of wind energy. Read more on this story via the Risø DTU.

Image Source: Paraflyer

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