Technorati Ranks Planetsave as a Top "Science" & "Green" Blog

I thought I’d finally share with our readers (if you’re not already aware) that Planetsave has been doing really well in Technorati’s rankings over the past few months or so. It is a clear leader in Technorati’s “Science” and “Green” categories.

In the Science category, Planetsave is currently #11, with just a few NASA blogs, Wired, Universe Today, and a few other science leaders ahead of us. There are several thousand blogs in the Science category, so I think this is a pretty big deal.

Planetsave is currently #16 in the Green category, which includes nearly 7,000 blogs. The leaders in this category are Climate Progress (#1), widely considered the leading climate change blog on the internet, Grist (#2), and our sister blog CleanTechnica (#3).

What’s Technorati?

If you’re not familiar with Technorati, it is both a leading blog ranker, using its own special algorithm to rank the best blogs on the internet, and is also a search engine for blogs. It’s achieved a number of major achievements and is a well-known site amongst bloggers and techies.

Thank You

I have to say, I’m honored and feel very lucky to have Planetsave (and CleanTechnica) ranking so high and I’m sure it is in large part due to our excellent readers and your sharing on social media, other blogs, and via email. A huge “THANK YOU” to you.

I’m also sure it’s due to the great coverage and writing of our team and think they deserve some public kudos for their work. Great job, team 😀

Of course, as always, feel free to let us know of ways you think we could improve our site or our ongoing coverage of important environmental and societal topics! You can drop a comment below, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook, or email me.  Thank You.

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    1. Thanks. I’m sure your popular cartoons & linkbacks help 😀

      So, congrats & thank you, too. 😀

      I think i’m having cartoon withdrawal, btw,… your next one must be coming soon 😀

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