Sustainable Fashion — A Movement Coming To A Store Near You

Green thinking is thankfully becoming main stream and is not isolated to a few dedicated eco-warriors. People are finally becoming socially conscious and aware of the fact that we are causing terrible harm to our eco-system in vain. The fashion industry has for years been a culprit for not having an eco-conscience, especially the larger high street chains who have been spurning out the latest trends quicker than one could wear them.

This is fortunately a changing scenario. It is fair to point out that eco-friendly fashion lines have been around for a while. Stella McCartney has been dedicated to the cause for several years now. Her line appears on the backs of celebrities and on the front of fashion magazines, weekly. This is testament to the fact that beautiful clothing can be green and that eco-friendly clothing is being worn on the merit of being fashionable rather than its eco credentials.

Stella McCartney’s work towards environmentally friendly fashion has been phenomenal but this does not solve the long on-going problem of where people who can’t afford to buy designer pieces are buying this season’s dresses from. High street chains have had a reputation for mass producing in an un-green manner, but this luckily is going through a transformation. On May 3rd of this year, the world’s largest Fashion Sustainability Summit took place in Copenhagen, where key industry players discussed sustainable development which has led to various new initiatives such as “The NICE Code of Conduct and Manual for the Fashion and Textile Industry” with an aim of influencing the entire global fashion industry.

H&M are stepping up to the plate and making waves with their sustainable fashion line, which is making eco-friendly fashion readily available on the high street to fashion conscious shoppers. This is an important development for such a well-known brand to take the initiative and hopefully other high street chains will follow suit. Check out this video below to learn more about how H&M offers “sustainability and fashion, not one or the other”:

As top fashion designers and the high street are welcoming this movement, the other end of the spectrum is online fashion retailers. ASOS one of the biggest online fashion retailers and, along with their success, they’ve decided to give back. They have an ethical code of conduct; they support animal welfare; and they are a carbon neutral company. This is where all online companies need to be and a positive insight into how eco-friendly fashion is developing!

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