'Super Moon', Brightest of 2012, Occurs This Weekend


The largest, brightest moon of 2012 is going to occur this weekend. Saturday at 11:35 PM EDT the moon will become full, and also in its closest approach to the earth — its perigee.

The ‘Super Moon’ will get as close as 221,802 miles from Earth, compared to the usual distance of up to 252,000 miles. Leading to a super bright, much larger view of the moon.

It’s expected to be around 16 percent brighter than normal, as opposed to the moons farthest approach, the apogee occurring on November 28th, that will allow a far dimmer and smaller view of the moon.

Tides during super moons are considerably higher and lower than during normal moons. The moon exerts around 42 percent more tidal force during its perigee than during its apogee.

This will be the first super moon since March 2011.

Source: Space.com
Image Credits: Phase Of The Moon and Full Moon and Changing Phases Of The Moon via Shutterstock

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