SunPower & Sunverge Team Up For Solar + Storage In US & Australia

One of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, the producer of the most efficient commercial solar modules on the planet, and a large solar developer — SunPower* — is teaming up with Sunverge Energy, a producer of “advanced Solar Integration System (SIS) energy storage solutions to residential customers and utilities.” Basically, the two US companies are offering their solar and storage options as a combined package. They are now doing this in the US and Australia.

“Over the next five years, we expect to see a disruptive shift in the energy market, with solar power, energy storage, smart devices, energy management technologies and electric vehicles being combined,” said SunPower CEO Tom Werner. “As we join Sunverge’s adaptable and reliable storage solutions with SunPower’s high performance solar technology, we’re giving consumers a ‘Smart Energy’ solution that will deliver unprecedented levels of personalization, value and control. Providing this integrated solution to utilities allows them to access the benefits of rooftop solar and storage at significant scale.”

solar plus storage
US Solar+Storage Annual Market Size Forecast. Image Credit: The Future of Solar-Plus-Storage in the US, GTM Research

Sunverge already has hundreds of storage systems in place around the world. “Our unique hardware and software platform allows customers to bundle solar, energy storage, and other distributed resources and manage them as a fleet to enhance the long-term value of their energy investments,” said Sunverge CEO Ken Munson.

There’s clearly going to be a lot of money in both the solar power and energy storage markets. Tens or even hundreds of millions of people can already save money by going solar. Not nearly as many, but some can also save money by getting solar panels and energy storage systems. The numbers in both of these sectors is expected to grow rapidly as solar and storage costs fall (and retail electricity prices rise), and first movers like SunPower and Sunverge are primed to get a big chunk of these growing markets.

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*Full Disclosure: I own stock in SunPower… specifically because I think its future looks so bright and I want to support what it’s doing.

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  1. I know a customer that will go off grid as soon as he sees the benefit from a drop in price in storage his energy use is some 35KwH per day mainly because of having to pump to storage then again to supply house plus a huge pool.

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