Sri Lanka Eyes 70% Renewable Energy Share In Power Generation By 2030

Sri Lankan government intends to significantly increase the share of renewable energy in electricity generation by the end of the next decade.

Sri Lankan Cabinet of Ministers has approved a ‘Battle for Solar energy’ program which aims to boost the sustainable power generation in the country.

The ‘Battle for Solar energy’ program aims to encourage the small consumers to install solar panels at their roof-tops and consumers will be paid for any excess energy exported to the grid. With this new program, government expects that at least 20% of the consumers produce electricity on their own.

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith P. Perera said that, for excess energy exported to the national grid, electricity board is ready to pay feed-in tariff for power generated by the consumers. The scheme will be implemented in stages and first stage will cover Northern, Southern and Eastern Provinces.

Sri Lanka currently generates 50% of electricity through renewables and it aims to ramp up this percentage to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030. To achieve this target, 600 MW of wind plants and 3000 MW of solar plants will be built within the next 10 years.

Sri Lanka is currently working on a long-term plan to increase the share of renewable energy and utilise national resources to achieve complete energy independence.

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