Solar PV to Double in US in 2011 (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Solar power is growing at a super fast pace these days, and despite (or maybe partly because of) the tremendous economic problems the country is facing, that is continuing. Solar PV is projected to double in the US this year, and is expected to grow 47% a year up to 2015.

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“With a current project pipeline of more than 17 gigawatts (GW), the Port Washington, NY-based research firm foresees the US solar PV market growing to reach as high as 6.4 GW by 2015 depending on the scenario, a constant annual growth rate of 47%,: Andrew Burger of our sister site CleanTechnica reports.

From the same projections, the US is expected to grow from 5% of the world’s supply of solar PV to 12% by 2015, and is expected to rank third at that point, behind Germany and Italy.

Of course, projections are projections and anything can happen, but there have been strong indicators for awhile that the US would regain a bit of the ground it’s lost as a world solar leader. A report from June by Ernst & Young ranked the US #1 in the world for solar energy investment attractiveness.

As another writer recently explained on CleanTechnica, Now is the Time to Go Solar! Are you on solar yet?

If not, here are some good tips for researching solar power.

Here are some more top green living stories of the past week or so.


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Other Green Transportation
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Products & Upcycling
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