Solar Power Growing Faster Than Usain Bolt Can Run

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There’s a solar panel installation boom going on. In the EU. In the US. In Asia. In South America. Globally. Solar panel installation volumes have skyrocketed due to falling solar power prices and decent solar power incentives from thoughtful governments.

The latest research from GTM Research shows that β…” of the world’s installed solar power capacity has occurred within just the last 2Β½ years. Furthermore, the solar panel installation boom is just getting started. Solar panel installations in the coming 2Β½ years are projected to double global solar power capacity.

The top solar power companies in the world, including the top solar module manufacturers, are driving down the cost of solar through the creation of more efficient solar panels, streamlined manufacturing processes, and streamlined/cheaper customer acquisition strategies. Increasing competition in numerous solar industries helps, as well.

Governments with a bit of foresight are also helping by increasing incentives for utility-scale solar panel installation, commercial-scale solar panel installation, residential solar panel installation, and solar manufacturing —  all aimed at tackling global warming while boosting jobs and energy independence.

All of this adds up to much lower solar power costs and huge savings for those who put solar panels on their roofs.

“According to the Solar Market Insight report from GTM Research and SEIA, the national average for residential system prices fell another 18 percent last year; non-residential prices fell 13.3 percent,” Greentech Media adds.

Solar Panel Installation Boom In Graphs

But nothing tells the story like a good visual or two. So, here’s a graph of global solar panel installation growth since 2001, and projected solar panel installation growth through 2015:

solar panel installation growth world
Credit: GTM Research

Similarly, here’s a graph of US solar panel installation growth since 2001, and projected solar panel installation growth through 2015:

solar panel installation growth US
Credit: GTM Research/SEIA U.S. Solar Market Insight

Pretty awesome, eh?

Solar Panels Just Make More Sense (… or is it cents?)

The fact of the matter is, homemade electricity from rooftop solar panels is cheaper than electricity from your regional utility company/monopoly. It’s good for the environment and good for your pocketbook. It just makes sense.

Have you had a solar panel installation yet? Are you on the verge of getting a solar panel installation? If you have any questions about getting one, I’d be happy to assist you (free of charge)… just drop me a line in the comments below or connect with me on your favorite social media network.

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