Solar Energy's Rapid Growth in Germany (VIDEO)

Germany is the solar energy world leader. If you’re not familiar with this or with the solar industry, that may sound surprising, given that Germany isn’t exactly the sunniest country on Earth. However, it’s got tremendously intelligent solar energy policies, and has for years, and this has not only put solar panels on millions of rooftops, but it’s also brought the cost of solar in Germany down to a cost-competitive level (even without subsidies and without taking important health and grid costs of fossil fuel and nuclear options into account). Here’s more, including an awesome video on the topic, from one of our new writers (a German) over on CleanTechnica (note: the video on the bottom isn’t reposting correctly, so I’m putting it at the top):

[repostus hash=a5787cb67b718511e1ec94f1e6cb04ac title=12%20Years%20Later%20%26%238212%3B%20Solar%20Energy%20in%20Germany%20(VIDEO) host=Clean%20Technica short=18jZg]

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