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Been feeling like we need to get a little more “save” going in our posts to live up to our “Planetsave” theme. With solar power being one of the very top solutions to numerous environmental and climate crises, and with sister site CleanTechnica being a top site for solar energy news, been thinking of starting “Solar Energy News Roundups” once a week here on Planetsave to feature those stories. Here’s the first — check out some of these awesome solar energy stories from the past week or so:

  1. Solar Power Rises from City Dump
  2. Community Solar FTW!
  3. Can the US Reach 23 GW Installed Utility-Scale PV Solar?
  4. The Beautiful Thing about Offshore Wind & Solar Combined
  5. New Solar Tracking & Energy Storage Solution
  6. Lower Subsidies = Larger Solar Power Plants in UK?
  7. BrightSource Probable Winner of 500-MW Solar Trust Project
  8. Low-Income Housing Receives Free Solar Panels Under Innovative Scheme
  9. San Francisco and LA County Launch PACE
  10. Turmoil in Australia: Queensland Government Announces Drastic Cuts to Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme
  11. Who Has the Most Cost-Effective Solar CLEAN (Feed-in Tariff) Program?
  12. 80% Surge in California Third Party Home Solar Market
  13. Tigo Wins $3.5-Million DOE SunShot Award (+ Solar Energy News Roundup)
  14. Solar-Powered Biodiesel Station Opens in Atlanta
  15. Japan vs Gertalia — A Solar Country Comparison
  16. Rio+20: More than 50 Countries, $50 Billion in Pledges for UN’s “Sustainable Energy for All”
  17. Germany Moving Away from Solar Parks to Rooftop Schemes
  18. IKEA to Use Rooftop Solar Power Plants in China
  19. IKEA US Solar Plans Near 89% with Two More Installations Proposed
  20. My First Solar Panel
  21. New Mathematical Approach Could Simulate Materials for Solar Cells and LEDs
  22. All-Carbon Solar Cell Harnesses Infrared Light
  23. Japanese Solar Boom? Toshiba Announces 100-MW Solar PV Plant Near Fukushima
  24. One Step Closer to Invisible Solar Cells in Our Windows
  25. Solar Tech Improvements; Solar Project News; Solar Manufacturing News… (Solar Energy News Roundup)
  26. Japan Creates Potential $9.6 Billion Solar Boom with FITs
  27. Overseas Private Investment Corp. Approves $360MM in Clean Energy Investments
  28. Stion Sets New Solar Efficiency Record of 14.8% for Commercially Available Monolithic CIGS Modules
  29. Commercial Solar Now Cost-Competitive in US
  30. Wildly Underestimating Wind & Solar; Aruba Going for 100% Green Energy; Greenpeace Tackles Dirty Finance… (Other Cleantech & Energy News Roundup)
  31. More Solar Power in TX Could Save Consumers Over $520 Million, New Study Finds
  32. 5 Solar Myths Busted (Infographic)
  33. California Grid Hit Record Solar Peak
  34. Summer Solstice Solar Survey: Consumers Around the World Think Their Country Has the Most Solar Power Installed
  35. Solar Mosaic Receives $2 Million for Solar Financing Platform

Man, we really do write a ton of stories on solar power every week! I think I’ll segment these stories into subcategories next time!

Image Credit: community solar image via Shutterstock

3 thoughts on “Solar Energy News Roundup”

  1. Thanks for spreading the good solar news Zach! We’ve got some exciting news coming soon on our end, we’re building what we think could be a truly transformative platform for crowdfunding solar projects. We’re offering exclusive early access to folks who sign up on our website at We’d love your help in spreading the word!

      1. Yep, we raised $2.5M in venture capital and received $2M from the Department of Energy to take crowdfunding solar to scale. We can’t say too much more than that at the moment as we’re in an SEC mandated quiet period but I can promise some very exciting news coming soon!

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