Smart Technology: The Key To A More Energy-Efficient Life

When it comes to how we live, work, and play, Smart Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. And the best part is that we’re not only living better through technology, we’re living greener, which is great news for the planet we all share. If Smart Technology is something you’ve thought about but haven’t really looked into yet, here’s a look at some very cool products designed to help you start living a fuller, more energy efficient life.

total home managementSmart Energy Monitoring Systems: If you’re a homeowner who’s serious about conserving energy, it’s important to know exactly how much electricity your home is actually using. Smart energy monitoring systems can monitor and tell you your home electricity use at any given time. They can also tell you the electricity usage of each and every outlet in your home. A simple interface gives you constant read-outs on the wattage usage of every device in your home. Want to know how much electricity your washer or dryer is using? It’s all right there on the central display. Armed with that kind of information, homeowners can replace faulty outlets, reduce energy consumption by replacing power-draining appliances with energy-saving alternatives, or cut down on appliance use altogether. If you’re thinking that only new homes can be equipped with energy monitoring systems, actually, they can now be retrofitted to your existing home through the circuits in your circuit breaker panel.

Grid-Tied Power Inverters: As costs continue to drop, more and more homeowners are turning to solar to produce the energy needed to power their homes. Grid-tied power inverters are also a good investment. Installed along with a solar power system, grid-tied power inverters convert the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternating current that is used to run the home. In addition, grid-inverters allow homeowners to transfer any extra energy produced by solar panels back to the power grid, where it can even be purchased by local utilities.

LEMS (Luxury Environment Management Systems): Homeowners looking to make their homes more sustainable while dramatically reducing utility costs should consider upgrading their homes with a luxury environment management system (LEMS). Allowing homeowners to customize and control each and every room in their homes with respect to lighting and temperature, LEMS can reduce energy bills from 20-40 percent, depending on living patterns and how well the system is programmed. Through the use of an interactive touchpad or smartphone, lighting and heating can be controlled from anywhere and at anytime to maximize energy savings.

sOccket_UnchartedThe Soccket Soccer Ball: Imagine a soccer ball that stores energy as it’s being played with. The Soccket soccer ball, developed and being produced by an organization called Uncharted Play, is exactly that. Along with being a fully functioning soccer ball, the SOCCKET also happens to be a portable generator, storing up kinetic energy as it rolls — energy that can be used later to power LED lamps for several hours or charge cell phones during an emergency.

As this and other kinetic energy harvesting technologies are applied to fabrics, shoes, and a host of other materials and items, imagine the positive impact these revolutionary products will have on our lives and the planet when they hit the mass market.

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