10-Mile Oil Sheen between Two Shell Oil Platforms in Gulf of Mexico

shell oil gulf of mexico

Reportedly, an oil sheen has been spotted on the Gulf of Mexico near two Royal Dutch Shell oil platforms. The platforms and oil sheen are in the central Gulf of Mexico. Shell has reportedly sent a spill response vessel and has requested aircraft overflights.

The oil sheen is approximately one mile wide and 10 miles long.

Apparently, the source of the oil sheen is still unknown. It is between Shell’s Mars and Ursa projects, but has not been linked to either project yet.

In the title of an official statement from Shell, the company noted that it was responding “proactively” despite not knowing the source of the oil sheen or if it’s connected to either of Shell’s projects.

“Shell today has notified the National Response Center (NRC) of a light sheen in the central portion of the Gulf of Mexico, between the Mars and Ursa production area,” Shell wrote.

“[O]ut of prudent caution, Shell has activated the Louisiana Responder, a Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) vessel.  The Louisiana Responder is an oil spill response vessel with skimming and boom capabilities.  Shell has also requested flights to monitor the one by ten-mile sheen closely with additional aerial surveillance.”

Image: Shell gas station via shutterstock

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