Science is 'Magical' – John Boswell Remixes TED 2012 [VIDEO]

Meissner effect, magnet hovers above superconductor

We can be more, we can be much more…

From the earliest literary ‘cut up’ experiments of Gyson and Burroughs to more recent, musical ‘sampling’ pastiches by turn-tablists and hip-hoppers, the ‘remix’ trend has surely reached its full blossoming in our modern digital age.

One notable niche in this trend has been the auto-tuned, cut-up-remixes of the famous TED talks by ‘Symphony of Science’ creator John Boswell, one of which — ‘World’s Coolest (and Nerdiest) Music Video Ever – Ode to the Brain’ — was previously featured here on Planetsave.

The miracle of your mind is that it can see the world as it isn’t, we can imagine the future, we can remember the past.

In late February, Boswell was invited to TED2012 whereupon he crafted this poetic remix of the featured TED speakers (some from previous TED events)…evoking the themes of wonder, insight, and ideas…and including a decided critique on fossil fuel usage (We can’t just drill our way out).

Science is clever, with great creativity, is more magical. And now we need that magic.

Now, one could accuse Boswell of promoting too much ‘faith’ in the power of Science to solve the world’s problems (Let’s turn the world inside-out)…or, one could simply enjoy, and be inspired by, this totally diggable remix music video:



To learn more about the speakers featured in this video, visit the TED blog.

To watch/listen to more of Mr. Boswell’s remixes, check out his YT channel (search ‘melodysheep’)

Top Photo: (The Meissner effect causes a magnet to levitate above a superconductor ) Mai-Linh Doan; CC – By – SA 3.0


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