Scenes from the 2011 Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle {VIDEOS}

Each year on the Saturday before or on June 21, tens of thousand line up along a one mile stretch just north of Seattle’s Lake Union (the famed Fremont neighborhood) to witness a celebration of all things Summertime (often under sprinkling, over-cast skies), ecological, alternative, creative and just plain freaky…oh, and naked (sometimes painted) people on bicycles!

The event has been going and growing for over two decades, and last year it got a feature in the NY Times. This year featured a giant octopus made of coffee cups (see the video!)

Here are some pix (click to enlarge; images are LARGE) and some cool video clips…Enjoy and Happy Summer!

solstice parade
peace nature mama

Sasquatch goes green

Saturday go to Solstice best

balloons, pretty girls in petticoats, squabbling leprechauns

the hipper, darker, circus crowd joins in too


And Here’s the Center piece of the parade methinks (sorry: no live audio; dubbed music!):


…and here’s another great, giant puppet to honor an imperiled animal:


…but how could I forget the Giant Dung Beetle (complete with giant dung ball!)?



…and who doesn’t enjoy watching beautiful belly dancers?



…and a few more!







All Photos and Video by M. Ricciardi






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