Rwanda Wins Green Globe Award

Rwanda was recently awarded a Green Globe Award for world-leading environmental conservation work. In particular, the country was honored for “its restoration of the Rugezi-Bulera-Ruhondo wetland, an area that used to be severely damaged due to drainage, clearing, livestock, and overharvesting.”

I love the way this news was introduced to me (via a generic press email):

When most people visit Rwanda they are very surprised to learn about the country’s focus on the environment. However, Rwanda’s efforts to maintain and improve the earth is a focus of everyone in the country, including President Kagame. From outlawing plastic bags to protecting its national parks for wildlife, Rwanda intends to protect its land, and is now receiving international recognition for its efforts.

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Photo Credits: Dr. Stephen Nawrocki via flickr (CC license); Dr. Stephen Nawrocki via flickr (CC license)

1 thought on “Rwanda Wins Green Globe Award”

  1. It is actually true that Rwanda’s commitment to the environment is real. The only issue is that a nation that is ruled by a mass murderer such as General Kagame can erupt in violence at any time. If that violence happens, the impact on the environment will be huge. Therefore, I would not celebrate Rwanda’s environmental achievements until the nation rids itself of a mass murderer at its head and becomes a democracy instead.

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