Rick Perry, Here's an Image for You..

Well, actually, I’ve got a few images I think Rick Perry should see, but this first one is the one that inspired me to write this post.

July 2011 Daytime & Nighttime Heat Records (click to enlarge)

Rick Perry and residents of the state of Texas may think he and Texas are special,.. and they are,.. but when it comes to heat records this summer, not so much. There were so many heat records set in July, if you plot them on a map and remove every other layer, as NOAA has done, you can basically make out the shape of the United States… stunning!

Nearly 9,000 daily heat records were broken or tied in July, and this is without all the data still.. the number will grow.

Of course, the point is, the whole U.S. is “warmer” than usual, much warmer. And, if you are confused about why the nighttime temperatures seem to be more extreme than the daytime temps, look into the work of climate scientists a bit more — they have been telling us for quite some time that global warming will result in more nighttime warming than daytime warming. Yes, their predictions are coming true, whether we deny the clear implications of their work or not.

Rick Perry and the GOP leadership have been denying climate scientists’ findings and recommendations in an effort to please the multi-billion-dollar pocketbooks of their fossil-fuel puppet masters. Meanwhile, this planet is heating up, and this record-breaking July could seem like nothing in the coming years.

There are a ton of climate science and heat record graphs I would love to show Rick Perry and his clan, but I have a suspicion they wouldn’t get him to do anything to address climate change anyway… so, will just share this image below that I ran across on reddit.com today, I assume it’s alluding to the fact that Texans are now working on ways to drink urine in the midst of the state’s massive drought.

10 thoughts on “Rick Perry, Here's an Image for You..”

  1. Let’s talk about the heat records established in the 1920’s and 1930’s… Were humans to blame for that too?

    As a CS guy, I look at raw facts everyday and denying global temperature changes is folly; however, strictly blaming human endeavors is also folly.

    These same scientists have proven the earth has gone through scores of cycles such as this. We just happen to live in but one.

    Clearly, our dependence on fossil fuels must end. We need sustainable technologies which will be safe, clean and ubiquitous. But let’s keep the debate to just that, all the rest is truly speculation and helps none of us get to where we want to be.

    Take the “blame game” and pointing of fingers to other topics. no one wants unsustainable fuels, but we don’t desire to be blamed for cyclical planetary conditions either.

    1. FVR, you must not follow the climate science literature that well, since this is not a debate. It is being caused by humans, it is ACCELERATED climate change, not just natural climate variability. The debate is only really outside the scientific circles at this point, in politics and media.

      There are countless places were you can learn much more. My suggestion is check out skepticalscience.com — a good place to start.

  2. My republican dream ticket:
    Rick Perry and Sarah Palin because they could never be elected,
    Oh wait “LITTLE DICK”Nixon and Spiro Agnew were elected.

  3. You were almost successful in making a lucid and valid point, though I don’t know why it was aimed @ Rick Perry when your fellow liberal and environmentalist Democrats held the entire seat of governmental power for two solid years and apparently did not do enough for your liking! But then, you just couldn’t help yourself and had to post a vulgar picture! So, you win the idiot of the day award for ruining your own argument.

    T Johnson

    1. targeted at Rick Perry because of Perry’s desperate prayers for rain/help and his strong opposition to climate science and climate action. thought that was pretty clear, but maybe not.

      Democrats were largely/mostly unsuccessful at doing anything because of Republicans’ obscene use of the filibuster.

      the image, as i mentioned and linked, is very clearly related to the same thing and the fact that Texans are now looking to recycle their pee into drinking water (which is great)

  4. Zach, you’re an idiot. Heat record data could be shown to outline the US, and most other nations, EVERY year. Because SOME days are warmer for that given date. The same could be said of cold records, which by way there were THOUSANDS set this past winter season of 2010/2011.

    All this “climate change” crap is man-driven, for MONEY. There are billions of dollars in grant money at stake, and the fear mongers, yourself included, are trying to profit off the topic.

    1. Dave, i’m sorry, your’re clueless on a few key points here:

      heat records are several times more common than cold records now — happy to get you the graphs if you haven’t seen them yet.

      climate change is something that has been scientifically studies for over a century — the situation today is very clear and has been backed up by the leading scientific organizations of the world. your claim is like saying one’s heart attack is not a heart attack but heart burn and the doctors are only saying its a heart attack to make money. absurd, sorry — climate scientists (and myself) are not in this work for the money.. if they (or i) were money-hungry, we’d be doing something totally different.

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