Republicans Want To Rob America … To Cut Taxes On The Rich

Republican politicians are an interesting breed of liars….

Politicians are supposed to explain to the voting public why their complicated, detailed policies are worth supporting and good for the country as a whole, or at least their constituents.

But Republican politicians push one kind of policy obsessively, the kind that gives more money to the super rich and takes more money from the middle class and poor. So, they either have to lie to the masses or … lie to the masses.

Indeed, the Republican Party has spent decades somehow convincing about half of the voting public that the party isn’t robbing them … when it is. The Republican Party was also so effective at this, that the Democratic Party (under Bill Clinton’s leadership) decided it had move in the Republican Party’s direction on policies in order to win elections.

Republican politicians told voters that if we simply made the super rich pay less in taxes, the country would magically gain millions of jobs and everyone would do better … because the rich got richer. It doesn’t make sense. There are detailed reasons why it doesn’t make sense, but it comes back to some fundamentals anyone should be able to understand — if you let billionaires stash billions more cash in their bank accounts instead of giving it to the government to spend on schools, roads, and health care for the masses, non-billionaires suffer.

Republican politicians tell the masses that we need to let corporations pay you less, work you more, and pay less in taxes so that … um … oh yeah, so that more jobs are created! … Wait, what?

Yet voters fall for it — “Yes, let’s cut taxes! … on the rich. Yes, let’s be nicer to corporations! … I mean, let them treat humans more like tools than humans.

Republican politicians want to let polluting companies pollute America more. The argument? “This creates jobs! Really, it does, we swear.” (Actually, innovation creates jobs — and regulations force innovation from slow-moving, lazy industries. But hey, that’s disruptive to the Republican narrative, so let’s move on.) But the problem is, pollution that destroys human health hurts people. It hurts middle class and poor people who then get cancer, whose kids get asthma, who get hospital bills they can’t afford (on crappy health care that Republicans barely let them have). The middle class and poor die young because of the wonderful generosity of Republican politicians who don’t want to put any requirements on oil & gas companies, coal companies, or auto companies to clean up our wair and water.

Republican politicians want to pretend thousands of climate scientists haven’t found that we’re heating up the planet. We can get hit with superstorms, record droughts, crop destruction across the country — trillions of dollars of losses in the coming years. But no, we can’t accept that the science is in and we need to shift to solar energy, wind energy, and electric transport in order to keep the costs low enough that they don’t collapse US society.

Heck, Republican politicians today can’t even back medical research & disease prevention. Our country is apparently not rich enough to try to solve health challenges and prevent horrible diseases. Nope, gotta cut taxes on the rich … because, you know, rich people aren’t treated fairly … or somethin’ like that.

Make no mistake — the Republican policy agenda is to shift more money from the poor and middle class to the super rich. Not super Christian from my understanding of Christian teachings.

Average Americans are getting robbed by Republicans. A Republican billionaire president is robbing the country for his own business benefit, and the voters still don’t see it. If this were a Hollywood movie, I’d say it’s too ridiculous and unbelievable. Come on, no one getting robbed right in front of their faces with their eyes open would fall for it.

Alas, a few code words and a propaganda channel owned by a rich fox of an immoral man can make Republicans vote against their own well being. And when they feel like the government is against them (because the Republican Party keeps stripping the government of the money and power needed to help people … and giving it to the super rich instead), Republicans win more elections and drive our country, our economy, and the average American further into debt, destruction, and suffering.


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